Unique Features

  • Investing in People

    Investing in People

    We believe our People are our biggest asset. In Al Nab'a we invest in sharpening our people and their skills.

    We heavily invest in our staff to maximize their acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of regular continuous programs. Apart to the basic training required for the specific occupation, we constantly recognize the need to continue training beyond initial qualifications: to maintain, upgrade and update skills.

    Our highly skilled team carefully coordinates every step of the process with client, architect, engineers, subcontractors, material suppliers, municipal authorities and other team members.

  • Effective Cost Control Measure

    Effective Cost Control Measure

    Effective cost control and sound financial administration is an important factor in a successful project. ANC maintains strict budget control to provide the best product at affordable price. Our purchasing power and knowledge of the supplier and subcontractor market allow us to obtain the best possible value. Further, our adherence to cost-discipline scheduling and critical-path purchasing analysis offer additional savings. Completion of assignments within projected time-frame and the reduction of the idle time are the keys to our success.

  • Pre Construction Involvement

    Pre Construction Involvement

    The client draws the extra benefits of our cost-saving expertise and knowledge sharing on issues such as site selection, local infrastructure, municipal codes, schedule, building material selection and procurement and systems evaluation. Our design, suggestions, product selection, and construction ideas help deliver a successful project.

  • Drawing & Designs

    Drawing & Designs

    Perfect drawings and designs make the execution of a project flawless and fast ensuring assured return of the investment. We have an established mechanism to coordinate with architects, sub contractors and suppliers to resolve any budding issues. we utilize best design professionals in the industry and the company ensures that the client draws maximum advantage of our expertise in selecting materials and deciding on the execution methods.

  • On-Time Delivery

    On-Time Delivery

    Construction projects involve a continuous process of design, engineering and construction. We have the art and ability to accelerate completion through the delicate art of concurrent phasing. The company is master in time management. The specialized team of Al Nab'a turns idle time into productive hours.

  • Latest Technology

    Latest Technology

    Due to the need for continual improvement to familiarize with the changing technical, technological and application patterns; we possess wide array of techniques for excavation, foundations, ground treatment and improvement. This, coupled with our design-build capabilities, allows us to develop and implement sustainable construction solutions that are specifically tailored to our clients needs. Al Nab'a Construction has the integrated estimating, project management, scheduling, accounting and change management system which provides the foundation for creating common frame of reference of project communication across every department of the company.